About Me

Hola, Merhaba, Привет, Сәлем!

My name is David, I’m an MA student in Eurasian Studies who spends his days wandering the globe and dreaming of far off places.  I currently live in Astana, Kazakhstan, and will be spending the next two years exploring the country and the rest of Central Asia. As an undergrad, I studied abroad in Bolivia (twice) to conduct research in anthropology and bioarchaeology, Romania for bioarchaeology, and Singapore to study languages and Asian history.  While on those trips, I traveled around and explored the different cultures and places of each region.  I’m an amateur travel photographer with a penchant for landscape and architecture photography, some of which will be featured here.

I spent 4 months backpacking across South America from Lima, Peru to Montevideo, Uruguay in 2015, which you can read about here.  Right now I’m recounting my experiences from past trips with some long-form posts and writing about my life as an American grad student in Kazakhstan!

Follow me on Instagram @bioarchnomad

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